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Welcome to Foss-Co!  We are a custom tile maker nestled in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. We pride ourselves in making naturally designed and individually crafted tiles.

We currently offer three types of tile: Wood, Bark and Glass & Wood.

The Wood tile comes with a tung oil finish. Tung oil is a great finish that is very durable, zero VOC, non-toxic and easy to maintain. The only limit to sizing depends on current market availability.

Our Bark tile allows you to bring the outside in. All of our bark is locally harvested from trees already being cut for lumber. The Poplar barks are from FSC certified operations. We offer three finishing options: Raw, Oil and Resin.

The Glass&Wood tile is a delight like none other. It can come with either a gloss or matte finish. It is available with either raw or polished edges. The minimum thickness available is 3/8", though thicker is possible if the application demands it. They work well in back-lit applications.

Contact us with any questions you may have.

Poplar - 14"x24"
White Pine - 18"x20"
Yellow Birch - 10"x10"
White Birch - 14"x18"

General maximum tile sizes are :
White Oak - 16"x18"
Ash - 14"x14"
Madrone - 12"x 30"
Walnut - 14"x 33"
European Walnut - 10"x 20"
Gum - 8"x 96"
Bird's Eye Maple - 16"x 96"
Maple Burl - 11"x 26"
Quilted Maple - 10" x 12"

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